What Sets Us Apart

High-quality service with a smile, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Our Prosper dentists, Drs. Thomas Chandler, Mark Margolin, Bryan Moore and Laurie Parks have extensive education and training, and offer a wide range of general and specialty treatment to patients of all ages. We are able to provide most all dental services without patients having to be referred out. From early childhood to late in life, we will be able to meet your dental needs. 

We have a wonderful team of individuals who truly care about our patients. We strive each and every day to make our office a warm, comfortable environment in which you can improve and maintain your oral health.

Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a scary, unpleasant experience; we try to dispel that rumor one patient at a time. From the smiles you receive when you walk in the door, to the music and laughter you hear in the background, we always have fun doing our job.

We understand that everyone’s mouth and needs are different. Developing an individualized treatment plan to compliment that is the most important part of a successful outcome and a happy patient. 

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